The work-family balance

Working parents face the daily challenge of managing their roles as parents with the demands of maintaining their careers. There’s a constant pressure to be performing well at work, while making sure homework is done, dinner is made and that everyone in the family is happy. It can often feel as though work and family life are separate when they should be integrated. YellowNest aids this integration with childcare.  

Let's break it down

With YellowNest, you could save anywhere between >50% in your monthly take-home pay. How exactly does that work? Let’s have a look.

Maintaining momentum

AtYellowNest, we want to provide flexible childcare support, so it’s financially worthwhile to pursue those full-time positions and maintain your career momentum.We strive to help parents choose part-time work rather than having their hands-tied by prohibitive childcare costs.

“I’m unsure what will happen after the pandemic. My employer is not usually very open to flexible working.”

- Parent Survey

Supporting your career

Our subscription model puts the ball in your employer’s court. For a simple subscription fee per employee, per month, it’s up to your employer to step up and show their support. Once a partnership with YellowNest is formed, you can enjoy throwing yourself wholeheartedly into your career, safe in the knowledge that your children are being taken care of for only a fraction of the original cost.

Our platform

We’re currently working on a log in page, where employers, parents and nurseries can access their information and monthly savings. Once your employer decides to form a partnership with us, you’ll have access to this portal too.

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