Finally, a childcare benefit which
works for everyone.

This is

How does Yellownest benefit everyone?

Dramatically boost take-home pay for parents.

National Insurance savings for employers.

Generating additional earnings for nurseries.

We handle all administration.

dramatically boost take-home pay for parents

We create National insurance savings for employers.

We give over half of our earnings to nurseries.

We handle all administration on an accessible, easy to use payment interface.

So, what's the

UK early years childcare is amongst the most expensive in all OECD countries. Parents spend, on average, 55% of their total income on childcare.

Businesses have a distinct lack of representation when it comes to female staff taking Senior and Executive roles due to these women having to ‘bow out’ to take care of their kids.

Together, we can change this.

“I would have wanted to go back to work sooner after having my children, but the high cost of nursery did not allow for that.”

- Working Parent Survey, January 2021

How does it

First, YellowNest facilitates a contract change between the employer and employee, called a ‘salary sacrifice’. This means a portion of the employee’s salary will go towards childcare, before their earnings are taxed, saving them money.

Once the agreement is signed, YellowNest contacts the parent’s nursery of choice i.e. there is no change in nursery provision. YellowNest collates the details of the childcare facility and handles all the payroll and administration, saving employers time and money.

YellowNest also provides a payment interface which allows parents, employers and nurseries to track their monthly savings. For all of this, we charge a simple monthly subscription fee to employers, per parent signed up to the programme.

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At last,


YellowNest is a tech platform which facilitates a salary sacrifice between the employer and the employee. We generate monthly savings for the employer, reduce childcare costs for employees and help support nurseries financially too.


Give yourself an edge against competitors! Surprisingly, there are few family-friendly benefits available to UK employees. By partnering with YellowNest, you can support your staff with this unique benefit and watch as your business thrives.


Culture is the heartbeat of any organisation. Showcase what you are doing as an employer and give your leadership team something to shout about when they’re discussing your diversity and inclusion agenda.

Reduce talent

What do all employers want? Knowledgeable, talented and loyal staff members. So why let expertise and competitive advantage walk out the door? By supporting parents at this crucial stage, we make the decision to remain with their current employer much easier.

Equality in the

This need for support is especially true for our female workforce. Thousands of women leave the workplace every year due to childcare, with many never to return. YellowNest provides everyone with an equal chance to fulfil their career potential.

CSR: Supporting Nursery Infrastructure

YellowNest supports the nursery ecosystem by providing them with extra revenue through our referral scheme. This helps essential nursery infrastructure stay afloat in what is historically a tight-margin sector.


YellowNest’s payment platform and team enables the compliant and accurate routing of payments, which are necessary for the system to work.

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Let's break it down

Tax savings aren’t always easy to wrap our heads around. With YellowNest, you could save anywhere between >50% in your monthly take-home pay. How exactly does that work? Let’s have a look.