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If you aren't able to find the answer you're looking for in the FAQs below, please get in touch.  

  • Q: Does YellowNest work alongside existing Government support? 
    A: Tax Free Childcare scheme ​ Yes, in some cases YellowNest can work in addition to TFC. However, we will not be able to pay into a parent’s Government portal on their behalf. It’s worth noting that with TFC savings are capped at 20% / £500 per quarter, whereas with YellowNest, savings can be up to 47% and are uncapped. ​ A: The Government’s 15 / 30 free hours scheme ​ Yes, YellowNest can work in addition to the Government’s 15 / 30 free hours scheme. After the hours are applied, we can help parents save money on their outstanding fees.
  • Q: Does child-minding count? 
    A: Unfortunately, YellowNest cannot salary exchange fees associated with providers who operate on domestic, non-educational premises and / or are not OFSTED (or equivalent) approved.
  • Q: Does wrap-around care count?
    A: It is possible to salary exchange childcare fees for wrap-around care for kids aged 0-5, as long as the childcare facility is OFSTED (or equivalent) approved.
  • Q: How might salary exchange affect an employee’s pension?
    A: It is up to the employer to confirm the rules of the company’s pension scheme to the employee.
  • Q: What happens if a parent has overpaid or underpaid their childcare costs?
    A: If an employee’s childcare fees change, they will be responsible for reconciliation with the nursery partner directly. In the case where the fees schedule must be amended due to a Lifestyle Change (as defined in the T&Cs), YellowNest will need to be notified immediately in order to terminate the current agreement and issue a new one to reflect the fee schedule.
  • Q: How does the YellowNest benefit work alongside parental leave?
    A: To make the nursery payment there would need to be some income to cover fees for the period of parental leave. At the point at which statuatory pay kicks in, YellowNest can pause the contract until the employee returns from parental leave.
  • Q: How might salary exchange affect an employee’s ability to obtain a mortgage?
    A: Mortgage lenders assess applicants’ income using different criteria, and salary exchange arrangements are treated differently by various financial institutions. Some lenders may consider the reduced gross income after salary exchange, potentially affecting the maximum mortgage amount an applicant can qualify for. Others may assess the applicant’s borrowing capacity based on their original gross income before salary sacrifice.
  • Q: Which childcare providers do YellowNest partner with?
    A: We work with a growing list of nurseries and childcare providers across the UK who are OFSTED (or equivalent) approved. This list is dynamic and updates daily. If we don’t have an existing partnership with an employee’s childcare provider, we are happy to reach out. In most cases, we can onboard a new nursery within 1 - 2 weeks’.
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