Early years childcare is one of the most underfunded and undervalued sectors in the UK.

Nursery staff work long hours, for low wages, with the average worker being paid £7.42 an hour. Many working a second job to make ends meet.

There is a high turnover of staff. In 2020, a report found that 37% of nursery staff leave within two years.

This means a lack of consistency for the young children who crucially need it.

Unlock value for your enterprise and for your working parents.

The Solution

Powerful new benefit to attract/retain working parents.
- Fully funded via employer NI saving ie.net zero £cost to employer.
- Strong Equality, Diversity &Inclusion/Financial Wellbeing touch points.

That's where we
come in

A fully funded workplace nursery benefit provides which is cost-neutral to the employer and employee!

- Reducing childcare costs by 34-59% for parents
- Building profitable, diverse workforces;
- Enabling nurseries to thrive through additional funding sources.

That's where we
come in

By allowing businesses to partner with YellowNest, we are offering your nursery the chance to benefit from increased saving. We want to offer a proportion of the employer’s subscription fee to each employee’s nursery of choice. By giving back to nurseries, we believe we are investing in the future of our society and the welfare of our nation.